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This event will feature speakers presenting on the past and present situation of the Lubicon, and actions that need to be taken to help their struggle.

Scheduled speakers include Dr. David Swann, MLA, Very Rev. Bill Phipps, Grant Neufeld and a representative of the Friends of the Lubicon.



In March 1990, the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) concluded that "historical inequities" and "more recent developments" have endangered the way of life and the culture of the Lubicon Cree. The Committee ruled that "so long as they continue" these threats are a violation of the Lubicons' fundamental human rights.

At the time, the Canadian government assured the Human Rights Committee that it was seeking a settlement that would protect the rights of the Lubicon. To date, however, no such a settlement has been reached. Since that time, billions of dollars more in oil and gas resources have been extracted from Lubicon territory while the people live in impoverished conditions -- without even running water in their homes.

On October 17, 2005 the United Nations Human Rights Committee will be meeting in Geneva to review Canada's human rights record. One of the issues scheduled for discussion is Canada's failure to resolve the Lubicon land issue. Two Lubicon representatives are attending the meeting to urge the UN to pressure the Canadian government to act. The government of Alberta must take the initiative and pressure the federal government to the bargaining table to settle this dispute since it is Alberta's reputation that is being tarnished.

The Lubicon should not have to rely upon the UN to pressure the federal government to take action. The provincial government continues to show little interest in protecting and promoting the fundamental human rights of these Albertans.

How You Can Get Involved

Sign a petition to be tabled in the Provincial Legislature to urge the Alberta Government to promote the human rights of these marginalized citizens.

Write a letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin ([email protected]) and Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Andy Scott ([email protected]).

Get involved with the Friends of the Lubicon in helping to form a local advocacy group. (There's already a group for those in Calgary.)

For more information on the Lubicon, please see the following links:

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