Old Library Building, Newcastle University
Newcastle upn Tyne, England NE1 7RU

SuperMondays is a strong and vibrant community of IT enthusiasts based in The North East of England. We meet up once a month for a range of IT user group meetings and some unstructured discussions.
There is no membership, no fees and no rules….the community is basically undefined! If you want to attend then just come along.

The speakers for this months event are:

Jonathan Noble: Microsoft Windows PowerShell, an introduction
Microsoft released Windows PowerShell in 2006 to finally give Windows a decent shell and scripting language for automation and PowerShell V2 will come installed and on by default in the forthcoming releases of Windows 7 and Server 2003 R2. Jonathan will give an overview of PowerShell and explain why it’s not just of interest to Windows sys admins.

Jonathan Bradford: Online, Offline?
A new generation of applications are emerging which will bring "online" applications to "offline" situations. What might they look like? And how will they be built?

Mike Parker – Rapid web app development using Drupal as the Framework.
Mike will give an insight into how quickly you can build an app and how you may go about doing it.

You can find a map here:

Official Website: http://www.supermondays.org

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