800 Congress
Austin, Texas 78701

So you fancy yourself a Superhero? Or maybe you just want to help Change the World? Then join us for lunch at Hickory Street Cafe on March 7th.

What is (Super)HeroCamp? Well - that's what we'll be defining - but it looks something like this tweet from Tara Hunt:

"We need to have a giant gathering of superheroes where we can exchange our ideas/learnings. Capes optional."

We're planning to have the first (Super)HeroCamp or HeroCamp this summer in Vancouver Canada - but we're open to your suggestions. Stop by and be a part of something good!

Please RSVP and let us know if you're coming ;)

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/HeroCamp

Added by acsinclair on March 5, 2008


Michael Cummings

I want to come!!!


Fun fun. Hopefully Apocalypse and the Alliance of Evil will not learn of these plans...


Would love to come, but my flight does not get in until 2:30. Will be thinking of you on the plane...xo!! -Erica


Wish I could come, but its at the same time as the Friday Late Lunch I am hosting. This definitely sounds like fun.


We're traveling on FRI morning but if we hit the City Limits in time, I'll come by!


I'm volunteering at the convention center until 3 pm, but may be able to get to take a lunch break and get down there.

Mark Schmulen

If Erica's there - I'll be there ;)


Don't think I'll be able to make it now. Flight got canceled due to the weather in Dallas so now I'm not getting in until 1:45p. :(

If things work out, I'll still try and swing by.


Great connections and inspiration, nice to start SxSWi with an outdoor event in good weather. Did anyone else notice that half the chairs had their left arms broken?