1300 Potrero St.
San Francisco, California

Thanks so much to everyone who attended SHDH XX in Cupertino - it was one of our most awesome DevHouses to date. Your donations to help cover the food costs (a new experiment) were also much appreciated. We took notes at our "post-mortem" discussion on how things went - details are at http://superhappydevhouse.org/SuperHappyDevHouse20Notes - feel free to add to these as you see fit. Remember to tag your blog posts, pictures, and videos with "shdh20" and "shdh" and not "shdhxx". :)

The next DevHouse, SHDH XXI, is going to be in San Francisco on November 10th at 1300 Potrero from 2pm to midnight. This is a little sooner than we normally throw them, in part to get in a DevHouse before the holiday season and in part due to us now having a larger rotation of locations at which to throw DevHouses. Put it on your calendar now! RSVP & more detail infos coming out soon. Start prepping those lightning talks!

David, Jeff, Jessy, Tom, and Joel
The DevHouse Crew

Official Website: http://superhappydevhouse.org/

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Don't screw this one up. SHDH is finally in SF! You now have no excuse.


I want to see Meredith's cool stuff