2050 Bryant St
San Francisco, California 94110

Super Funky Expedition
Friday March 14th

From the twisted minds of Raindance and CELLspace we bring you an
expedition so Funky…… Its Super Funky!
We will be exploring the deepest jungles of beats and chilling with
the freakiest of wild beasts as we get down to the intense tribal
thumping of the witchdoctors of the turntables.

Join us as we set out together on a safari of discovery.
We will visit exotic places, greet groovy natives and get down with
wild animals on the vast savannas of the dance floor.
We have gone all out to transform the cozy confines of the CELLspace
into a jungle so strange and beaconing and funkalicious you will pop
on your pith helmet and dance you're a*s off all night long.

Bringing you the funky tribal beats DJ's

Aaron Jae (Space Cowboys)
EPROM (Nexus, Raindance)
Motion Potion ( The Fringe,Sunset Promotions)
Kirk (Space Cowboys)
Mozaic (Raindance, Nexus)
Little John (Raindance)
J Tonal (Lo Pro Lounge)
Timonkey (Muti music)
Digital Honey (Raindance)
Tha Scritch (Flow)
Nisus (Nexus)
And more surprise DJ's to be announced.

Will there be crazy things to do as well?
Are you kidding?… we will have the crafting area in full swing with
wild animal making and a wild animal stampede raging through the space
at midnight.

Scattered around will be treasures to discover and pleasant spots to make camp.

$15 at the door
Safari gear encouraged…

Added by RussellH on March 10, 2008