164 South Murphy Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94086

One of the first Art and Wine festivals of the Summer season.

Added by dbismth on March 5, 2009



I am new to the area. Was wondering if this is usually a good time.


I've been going to the SV Art and Wine Festival for over 25 years and it is always good! Lots of really good food, great wine and beer selections, and wonderful selection of artists.


I'll be at the Art and Wine Festival representing Team Smooth Strokin Penetrators as we get set for the Orchard Gardens 5 on 5 Basketball tournament in Sunnyvale at Orchard Gardens park on June 13 and 14th. If anyone wants to help us in getting team jerseys please let me know.


Friends, DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY AT THIS EVENT!!! Trust me on this! Not only is it one huge price-gouge, but to top it all off, they--in typical Sunnyvale hypocritical fashion--"do not encourage bicycles" (their exact words) there. Which means I guess that you have to either drive (and waste gas driving around in circles looking for a place to park) or walk blocks and blocks and blocks from the nearest bus-stop to get to the thing. Just as I arrived on my bike, I was stopped immediately and told by a Security Cow that "we do not encourage bicycles here." (So how the hell else was I supposed to get there? Fly??) Mind you, I was not riding my bike, I was walking it, and only just long enough to try to find a place to park/lock it. The cow apparently wasn't interested in that, however; she only said "we do not encourage bike use here." (Apparently this genius has never heard of "spare the air." Or the fact that in years past I've always ridden my bike there and have never had a problem with it.)

But this is just the latest in a long line of problems with this event. In years past, I have --as I said before--dealt with exhorbitant prices at this "Festival" as well as dealt with rather poor quality of food and merchandise sold there as well. (The music sucks, too.) Overall, a complete, total, aggravating waste of time, energy, money, a thing truly to be avoided at all costs!!!!! Spend your time and money elsewhere, folks. I would strongly recommend the Palo Alto Arts & Wine Festival as a much-better alternative (where they DO "encourage bicycles." See, Palo Alto--unlike Stupid Sunnyvale--has their priorities in order!)


Don't listen to shveek, he is a retard and a liar. This event has been a pleasure to go to every year. My family has a blast there and the food and entertainment are always great!


Yes, everything is overpriced. $7 for a hot dog. It's Silicon Valley.

I bicycled to the event. What Shveek Cow was told is that you can't bicycle inside the festival. There is a free guarded bicycle parking area on the west side.