1940 9th Street NW (GREEN LINE)
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20001

A Sunny Day in Glasgow is largely the solo recording project of Ben Daniels. His sisters Robin and Lauren do all of the singing. Ben also plays with King Kong Ding Dong. Coming out of Washington DC, Stamen and Pistils come with a sound very atypical of what is commonly expected to come out of the city. The music is largely acoustic based pop, filled out with programmed beats and synths to form a sort of controlled chaos. While recognizing and respecting the long standing music traditions of the city, Stamen and Pistils aim to create something new and sincerely their own -- a highly textured sonic pallet of fuzzy pop, deconstructed just enough to remain consistently innovative. My Teenage Stride is a rock band!


Official Website: http://www.dcnine.com

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