859 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California 94109

An Edwardian Variety night bringing you the finest in Gorey-inspired music, dance, stories, fashion, cabaret, and more... Featuring:

* Gorey performances by The Vau de Vire Society
* Eric McFadden's Edwardian Orchestra - A special six-piece ensemble joins this masterful ringleader of cobwebbed waltzes and absinthe-tinged rhythms
* More splendid Gorey fashions from Dark Garden
* Vermillion Lies - "Junkshop Cabaret" - From chain gang blues to toy piano murder ballads the show is high energy participation and a surreal ride through the minds of some seriously twisted young ladies.
* "The Neglected Murderesses" - Allison Lovejoy with Midnight Rose of Rosin Coven
* Edwardian Disc Jockey DJ Delachaux
* Ballroom Dancing galore
* Vima Burlesque

Official Website: http://www.edwardianball.com/2008.html

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Bradley Allen

Vermillion Lies are really quite good.