400 Carroll St (between Bond and Nevins)
Brooklyn, New York 11321

Gussie up to get down. It's an easy-going, late afternoon, barbecue cum dance party. Sunday Best! is taking over The Yard, a leafy waterside lot on the Gowanus Canal for a nice, mid-afternoon barbecue. It’s no ordinary weenie roast, though. The bar-b’s organic (provided by Kelly Geary of Sweet Deliverance) and resident DJs Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin and Doug Singer are playing alongside Roy Davis, Jr, a Chicago legend playing his first New York set in many years. And get ready... We're doing this every Sunday from now til Labor Day...

Sunday Best! at The Yard
400 Carroll St between Bond and Nevins // Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
3p - 9p; $8
all ages
[email protected] // sundaybestnyc.com // theyard.ws

Official Website: http://www.sundaybestnyc.com

Added by justinacarter on May 12, 2008