400 Carroll St (between Bond and Nevins)
Brooklyn, New York 11321

Gussie up to get down. It's an easy-going, late afternoon, barbecue cum dance party. Sunday Best! is once again taking over The Yard, a leafy waterside lot on the Gowanus Canal for a nice, mid-afternoon barbecue. It’s no ordinary weenie roast, though. The bar-b’s organic (provided by Kelly Geary of Sweet Deliverance) and resident DJs Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin and Doug Singer are playing alongside Rick Wilhite of Three Chairs and Jerome Derradji of Still Music. Rick is a mainstay in Detroit, where he runs one of the city's most vital vinyl shops and makes music alongside Moodymann, Malik Pittman, and Theo Parrish as Three Chairs. Chicago's Jerome Derradji is the label boss of Still Music, one of the most eclectic and solid labels releasing music over the past couple years. The finest of Detroit and Chicago right at home with us here in Brooklyn. WHo could ask for more?

Sunday Best! at The Yard
400 Carroll St between Bond and Nevins // Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
3p - 9p; $8
all ages
[email protected] // sundaybestnyc.com // theyard.ws

Official Website: http://www.sundaybestnyc.com

Added by eamon_j_harkin on May 28, 2008



Plan to bring lots of CASH with you to this back yard bbq....
- $8 cover charge
- $6 beers (plus tip because you can't miss the huge tip bow waiting for you to contribute)
- $8 burgers
- ok music and small 5x5 "dance floor"
- big outdoor space with picnic tables
- along the edge of the gowanus canal (stinky)
Does anyone remember the $1 PBR's at the Gowanus Yacht Club?
Honestly, unless they get rid of the cover charge, I don't think it's worth a return trip.