711-1/2 Red River
Austin, Texas 78701

We're back after a week off, did you miss us?
       Well then how about now? This week we've got free BBQ from Ruby's!  We thought that would work. Get there early, it won't last long!
We'll also have our first kiddie pool of the year and Madison, WI's Vanishing Kids. Wear something you can splash around in and you can win something cool! $1 0ff with your Elysium stamp or RollerDerby ticket.

This week:
SUNDAY April 9th
Free BBQ from Ruby's BBQ & Aqua Teen [email protected] 8pm
Troy Dillinger @ 9pm
The Reel Deal @9:45
[adult swim] @ 10pm
Vanishing Kids (Madison WI) @ midnight

BEERLAND 711 Red River
21+ $5

Click here for a map

Thanks again to our sponsors! TimeWarner Cable - Ruby's BBQ - Rocket Banners - ElectroVoice - KOOP Radio 91.7FM - Mike's Print Shop

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The AustinSwim.org site is updated. Go take a look!

See You Sunday!


Official Website: http://www.austinswim.org

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