401 Sabine St
Austin, Texas 78702

Why is [austin swim] "ON" this Sunday? Because not everyone has family here in town... Or because no matter how much you love spending time with your family, by sundown or so you just gotta get out of the house... Or maybe because The Family Guy is the only sane family you'll see this weekend. Or maybe it's because you want your [austin swim] Xmas present???
How does cheap booze and free stuff for everyone sound? SUNDAY December 25th at RedRum, from 7pm - 2am. The Kitchen is OPEN! Get a burger, quesadillas, or a slice!
RedRum is at 401 Sabine (4th St. 1 block West of IH35 - behind Gas Pipe) click here for a map .

Whether or not we get to see you, have a great holiday!!!
Free music swag from LittleBoob! The best/sexiest/funniest pajamas will win a free membership to Hyde Park Gym, and everyone who enters the contest gets an official Zorak air freshener (courtesy of [adult swim]). Get here early because LoneStar Tallboys are $1 from 7-9pm and it's FREE until 8pm, $5 over 21 / $7 under 21 after that.
BTW, let us clarify that "Pajamas" are anything you sleep in - from sweats & a t-shirt, to flannel one-piece with a flap in the butt, to a great big tshirt, to a big old bathrobe... you get the idea. We're not trying to make you freeze to death getting from the car to the club, we just want you to feel totally relaxed. Of course if you sleep in Victoria's Secret-est or in the buff, go for it. You'll probably win the contest (and make a lot of new friends).
And get an [austin swim] Tshirt at the club or at austinswim.org . It's great sleepwear.

Sunday Dec 25th:
$4 Jaeger & LoneStarTallboys all nite!
7pm - $1 LoneStar Tallboys until 9pm
8pm - Troy & the boys play with special guests - come sit in with us!
10pm - [adult swim]
      Boondocks @10
      Stroker & Hoop @10:30
      Robot Chicken @11
      Moral Orel Xmas Special @11:15
      Perfect Hair Forever @11:30
      Squidbillies @11:45
      12oz Mouse @12
      Sealab2021 @12:15
     Venture Bros. @12:30
      **MinoriTeam @11
      American Dad @1:00
      Family Guy @1:30   

      Got a special talent? We want YOU to perform! Email Troy  to see about performing!

Sponsored by the KOOP Radio, Hyde Park Gym, Motorblade Postering & Mike's Printing!!
You can see pictures from the party here
See ya Sunday!!!

---- TROY
[austin swim]

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