1308 E. Fourth
Austin, Texas 78702

       We have the coolest audience in the whole world --

      327 people signed a petition asking to watch our favorite programming, and our own personal Harvey Birdman is in negotiations to find a legal and fair usage of the broadcast. The party is ON this Sunday (without the network's name or endorsement, of course). We'll be doing "Roll Your Own", so bring your favorite funny stuff on DVD and we'll roll it for the audience! We'll have comedy and animation and maybe the cartoons very soon.

    The weather is perfect for Sunday, but other things are rapidly cooling...  Unfortunately we're severing our relationship with Austin Daze over rights and fees with the venue and they've demanded that we not use the space. Too bad, I know.  So we're moving the party next door to Red's Scoot Inn and our neighbor Eric has invited all of you over for a swim because the pool's on his side of the yard.

    Red's is at 1308 East Fourth Street (5 blocks east of IH35) and it's still $5 to get in, $7 for 18-20 and their beer is cheap and never sour or foamy like ours.

   8pm -Music and variety, including Troy Dillinger
      We've got room for YOU to perform this week! Email Troy  to see about performing!   
10pm - Cartoons on the 9x12' screen from GEAR Rental

    Sponsored by the Austin Chronicle and MusicMakers Rentals.

You can see pictures from the party here

See ya Sunday!!!

---- TROY
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