4862 Voltaire
San Diego, California 92107

w/ Magik Markers

argh! unfortunately i will be on the east coast getting hitched. crap.

pitchfork sez:
"Some things you might witness at a Sunburned Hand of the Man show: dancing skeletons, cross-legged clarinet-playing tramps, flamingoes and foliage, someone carrying a large stick, souls descending into the underworld, masks and bandanas, and people in varying degrees of trance-like states of consciousness. As necromantic as this sounds, it's not all about exploring the inner landscape and achieving samadhi-- there's also the awesome sounds of the band's Captain Beefheart-meets-Can "free folk" to worship. Basically, it's your everyday fiendish fiesta of symphonic and shamanic excess. Plus, if we didn't already mention it, there's a guy with a stick."

Added by harold_ikes on August 8, 2005



is this the "guy's living room" venue? BYOB?


Think Sonic Youth is going to win out over Jim Bell's basement this one time.


i BMOB the one time i went to a show there, but they do sell B, so i am not sure of their exact policy.