100 Mount Auburn St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

On Friday, August 15, I'm leaving Boston. I'll be packing up my car and driving down to Austin, Texas, where my family I will make our new home.

This is one last chance to catch up with a few friends before I go. I hope you can make it.

Nothing formal here: Stop by for a few minutes or an hour to grab a drink and say hello.

Need to reach me by phone? (781) 413-5846

Location note: This is the Peet's Harvard Square location.

--Bryan Person

Added by bryper on August 8, 2008



Do they serve Bloody Marys at Peet's? We are already in mourning about another escapee from Boston SM scene.


Will try to run in and run out--I have a big client preso Tues morning. Agree with Adam--we've got to stop the brain drain!


hey Bryan ...

i'm hoping to make it out for a while ... sad to see you go, but i hope to catch up about the last couple of weeks before you set off

more soon



Client preso? Let's get @vanhoosear drunk then? Bring on the bloody marys


Gonna try to scoot by. Got a 9:30 near Northeastern, but I should be able to make it for a last Café au Lait before Bryan departs.


Hope you guys can all make it!


I'll be there with my elf boots on!