Westminster Bridge Road
London, England SE1 7PB

When: July 19, 2008
Meetup time: 7:30
Booking for the London Eye is £20, max limit of 20 per capsule. Deadline to send your booking is the 14th of July.

We will be booking our own capsule so we can use our tripods (not allowed with other users). We will be booking (hopefully) an 8.45 PM flight so we are at the top at 9PM for the sunset (9.07PM). Last flight on at 9.30PM.

Itinerary, see photo >>
I've taken off the limit to the attendance. If you can confirm you want to join witth or without the London Eye flight, please change your RSVP.
Thank you!


Added by mgadgets on March 21, 2008



Just discovered that it's a friend's 40th that night so I won't be able to make it after all

Stokey Gyal

I would like to come along, but not sure that I can stay out 'til the wee small hours - I've got a 10k race in Hyde Park the next morning!


I would like to come along for everything but the London Eye part.


Sadly I am going to be visiting London on this day but without my camera! I might come along anyway for the experience and the company. Anyone else coming that is not toting a tripod?