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An informative Seminar for International Company Executives from Next Step, K&LGates and The Brenner Group.
Historically, the two years following an economic downturn provide the best opportunities for company expansion and revenue growth. Today, international companies are poised and ready to expand into the U.S. because of current low U.S. dollar value, and U.S. buyers increased willingness to consider a broader range of solutions. Over the past 10 years, the average failure rate of international companies entering the U.S. market has been over 75%, with failure defined as the lack of achievement of board expectations and profitability goals. The 25% of companies that are successful have typically invested the time and resources required to understand the U.S. market, developed a business plan, and made strategic and informed marketing, sales, financial, and legal decisions.

Based on years of experience facilitating the success of international companies who enter the U.S., this program will provide best practices to help businesses generate initial sales, establish partnerships, address necessary legal requirements, and perform due diligence for Series A funding. If your company, board, or executive team is considering expanding into the United States, this seminar is a must-attend event. Participants will leave with a portfolio of practical business tools that will enable international companies to successfully develop a U.S. presence. Sample techniques include how to:

*Avoid the top five mistakes companies make when expanding into the U.S.
*Build a value proposition and sales process that will appeal to your target market
*Identify areas in which channel, technology, or advisement partners can speed success
*Understand and meet legal requirements for doing business in U.S.
*Build a sustainable financial management approach to support long-term growth and Series A investment funding
*Develop an action plan to gain traction in new markets

Official Website: http://bitly.com/usy1qa

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