Wine Office Court, 145 Fleet Street, London
London, England EC4A 2BU

After much indecision, Substandards Wastrel is GO!

Slightly outside the usual catchment area for a Standards event, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is, by all accounts, worth the effort.

Will anyone turn up? Is Ye Old Cheshire Cheese really worth it? Should the pub have stayed burnt down by the Great Fire of London?

Only Smarties have the answer. Or you.

But only if you attend Substandards Wastrel.

Official Website:

Added by steviebm on July 24, 2007



so. far. away. It's definitely going to be a day for flat shoes.


Substandards, as one word, surely!

Or are we campaigning for the standardisation of submersibles?


I don't like the word "Wine" appearing in any pubstandard's events, "Office" sounds work related and "Court" is a place I normally go to appeal restraining orders.... "Wine Office Court" sounds like a scary place.


> Substandards, as one word, surely!
What? Who? Where?

Change the event to the correct spelling after it's been created, me? Never.

Oh, wait. Maybe.


Sorry - can't make it - everyone have a great time!