11 Macclesfield Street
London, England W1D 5BW

The very first Substandards! It’s like Pub Standards! Only different!

Where the worlds of web and booze collide, slap-bang in the middle of London. Arranging meet-ups, every now and then, where likeminded web peeps with sore livers can share these very special interests.

Official Website: http://www.pubstandards.co.uk/2006/09/20/substandards-the-mid-pub-standards-non-pub-standards-pub-standards/

Added by lamarck on September 20, 2006



i'm going to regret this but what the heck!!


Hopefully I should be able to stay out for a little longer this time, especially since my minion that I'm training up at work is off the next day having his teeth pulled.


Tempting...... booze is always good.... though am meant to be training a load of people so may have to give this one a miss....


Come on you "watchers"! This is history in the making! The VERY FIRST Substandards! It'll be something to tell your grand kids.


And now I can't go after all. Arse.


how can you start the week off with alcomohol? you people are crazy!


How can you end the week with alomohol? Dead easy!

I honestly don't know why more people don't enjoy a tipple on Mondays. I mean, it eases the depression of being back at work after the weekend, for those who don't work through the weekend, that is.


For me it's usually just "hair of the dog".