208-209 High Holborn
London, England WC1V 7BW

It's the nearest *ubstandards to Shrove Tuesday, so I'm calling this one as close to The Old Dutch Pancake House in Holborn as is alcoholically possible; The Princess Louis, which is directly opposite and seems altogether very pleasant on the inside.

All those wishing to meet before for some hot, seasonal, sweet (or savoury), Dutch pancake action should yelp in the comments and we'll arrange something.

Official Website: http://pubstandards.co.uk

Added by BenWard on January 21, 2008



Oohh, pancakes. Though not perse seasonal, which is why I will always eat pancakes!


Not seasonal?! Did you miss the bit where it's the closest Thursday to Shrove Tuesday? Not seasonal, my foot.


I'm definitely up for some hot dutch action on the 31st, preferably involving pancakes.


Confirming that Substandards Pancake will take place in the Princess Louise on High Holborn.


Count me in for some of that hot flappy action.


There's no way I'm going to miss a legitimate excuse to eat pancakes! Count me in too.


OK, in addition to announcing your desire for pancakes, can people also make it known roughly what time you'll be arriving at Substandards, and whether you want a beer before pancakes.

I suspect it might be worth booking if we get a lot of interest, so at least if you can give rough times now, we don't have to run around on the day finding out.



Just get in there early and wolf down yer ruddy pancakes so you can then fully concentrate on the serious business of delicious Pub Standard beer!


beer only for me thanks


Erm, okay. So I can either be there early, leaving maybe 6.30pm at the absolute latest, or be there late, getting there perhaps 10pm. Or possibly both. Looking likely this isn't actually going to work. But I wanted pancakes! :-(


Oh the dilemma!
Eating’s cheating ….

But it’s pancakes. What to do?


I will be there! Have mercy on a weak-livered n00b ;)

[edit1] 630, boss. Pancakes first, then beer.

[edit2] Dagnammit. Won't be going now. We'll have a pancake and beer at home as an expression of solidarity.


Mmm pancakes! See you guys at 6:30. Deffo pancakes then beer.


OK, everyone who wants to be part of the My Old Dutch pancake booking needs to show themselves attending at http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/420640/ (Substandards Pancake Pancakes).

We're going to do it at the start of the evening (sorry James), else we'll have a mass exodus right in the middle of Beer Time, and that would be wrong. I'm going to make a booking sometime tomorrow afternoon.


Go on then, put me down for pancakes @ 6:30...