33 New Oxford Street
London, England WC1A 1BH

The mid-Pub Standards non-Pub Standards Pub Standards.

The infamous beer-infused, casual, social, warm, raucous, fine, dandy, monthly London meet-up for web folk.

Those with experience of the pub (http://www.old-crown.co.uk/home.html) say that it is small but that it does good food. More importantly, especially to those concerned that it looks more like a bar than a pub, is that it has beer on tap. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Official Website: http://www.pubstandards.co.uk/

Added by ptg on March 29, 2011



Sadly I can't make this one... damn Softball Committee meetings.


WIll come for a couple of pints, got work to do but having missed so many Pub Standards lately I feel I need beer to get over my failings.