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London, England SW1P 1DN

Substandards Al Fresco!

A picnic-themed Substandards.

For those that are committed to the cause - meet at Green Park from 3pm and bring:
* Sharable baked-goods and picnic nibbles
* Plastic throwables (i.e. frisbee)

Then, as the evening gets cold/it rains/we are all allergic to the outdoors, we shall relocate to the (not that, but cheapest) nearby Sam Smith's pub "The Cardinal". Late comers should check the @pubstandards twitter feed, or @phae's, in the evening if they are unsure of our location.

Vague meeting locations:
Tamsin and I did a brief reccy yesterday and selected a location that should be describable. Here goes:
* Head for the Canada Memorial and go a bit north from there. There's a point where 5 roads meet with a massive great lampost in the middle. We'll be in the best clear spot near there and should be easy to find (look for the vitamin-D deficient group who don't really know what they're doing outdoors).
* There should be a snapshot of the location attached to this event now, along with a series of other exciting picnic themed photos to get you in the mood, where we are intending to meet. Use your devices to match your little dot!
*Google map (showing possible other nearby pubs and supermarkets): http://tinyurl.com/36gpnva

Added by fberriman on June 22, 2010