826 SW 2nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon

The Stumptown Challenge is a race that tests body and mind. Teams of two will solve clues and visit twelve checkpoints scattered throughout Portland. There are no problem-solving restrictions, but travel is limited to foot and TriMet. The first team to successfully photograph itself at eleven of the twelve checkpoints and make it back to base wins.

How do I win?
The first team to traverse Stumptown and return to base with photographs of the team at eleven (of twelve) checkpoints wins. Team members must cross the finish line together.

What should I wear?
Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. The race will go on rain or shine. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. T-shirts will be provided before the race but, if you hate t-shirts, try to wear something funny. We want our challengers to stand out!

Can I participate on my own?
Solo individuals may participate but must pay the full registration fee and are not eligible to collect prizes.

What should I bring?
Each team is free to bring any materials on the hunt that might be helpful. While water is imperative, keep in mind that anything beyond a cell phone, digital camera, map, and pen may weigh you down.

Do I have to have a digital camera?
No, you can use your phone, blackberry, etc. as long as the pictures are clearly decipherable.

How long is the race?
The course is designed to take about 2-3 hours for joggers. Teams have a maximum of five hours to complete the hunt before they are disqualified. The distance of the route depends on the path you take.

Do I need to visit the checkpoints in order?
No. In fact, you are encouraged to visit checkpoints on the most efficient route possible. We are unlikely to provide the clues to you in the most expeditious order.

Event start
Each registered team will check in at Jax (826 SW 2nd Ave) between 10:00 and 10:30am. At 10:45 the Portland Trivia Challenge will commence. Each team will have ten minutes to complete 15 multiple choice questions relating to the City of Portland. Each question answered correctly will subtract two minutes from the team’s final time. This trivia challenge is a great way to tip a tight finish in your favor.
Once the trivia has been completed, everyone will be divided up into groups of five teams each (determined by bib number). Each group of teams will be released in waves staggered by five minutes. The clock will start for each team when team members receive their first set of clues and leave base.

The Hunt
The hunt is divided into two halves. The first set of clues will lead each team to six different checkpoints. The checkpoints do not need to be reached in any particular order or on any particular route. Try to plot the most efficient route between checkpoints and, once there, take a photo that includes both team members and the checkpoint itself. Teams must visit every checkpoint with the exception of one “skip.” Each team may skip one checkpoint of the total 12. Remember, if a team uses its “skip” on one of the first six clues, then it is commits itself to visiting every checkpoint in the second half before ever seeing the clues.
Once teams have visited the first six checkpoints (or five if you have used your skip) they must find a Stumptown staff member at the challenge midpoint in order to get your second set of clues. The midpoint location will be revealed with the first set of clues. The Stumptown staff member will verify that each team has visited all initial checkpoints before turning over the second sheet of clues.
The second set of clues will send each team off on the final leg of their adventure. Once the remaining checkpoints have been hunted out, it’s a race back to base.

Event Finish
A team has completed the race when it has visited 11 of 12 checkpoints and successfully arrived back at base. The clock stops when the team comes through the door and alerts Stumptown staff of its arrival. The race takes an average of 2-4 hours with an absolute deadline of five hours. Any group that has not returned by 4:00pm will be disqualified.
Once back at base, Stumptown staff will record your final time and review photographs. Each incorrect or unintelligible photograph will add 30 minutes to the team’s final time. In order to win a prize, all 11 checkpoints must be clearly identified and photographed.
The top ten winners will be announced when the lion’s share of participants have completed the challenge. The top three teams will take home prizes. Everyone will leave with something.

Official Website: http://www.stumptownchallenge.com/race.html

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Maybe it's just me, but... Why doesn't the "Stumptown Challenge" take place at say, oh I don't know, maybe um, Stumptown Coffee? I know I know. I'm crazy. It's okay, you can say it.