910 NW 14th Street
Portland, Oregon 97209

Are you fleet of foot? Quick of wit? If so, the Stumptown Challenge is the event for you! On July 18th, runners and walkers alike will be departing from downtown Portland on a city-wide adventure race. Participants will solve clues leading to different checkpoints across the city reaching them on foot or by TriMet. While emphasis is placed more on completing the challenge rather than winning the race, the first three teams back to base will win prizes. Everyone will go home with something.

The race is intended as a medium to encourage Portlanders to engage with their city in a way that is healthy, promotes public transportation, and highlights local businesses on a neighborhood level. The Stumptown Challenge is a race that tests body and mind. In this unique event brains can beat out brawn through clue-solving ability and the intelligent utilization of Portland’s public transportation system. Teams of two solve clues and visit eleven checkpoints scattered throughout Portland. There are no restrictions on clue-solving strategy (use the internet or phone a friend!), but travel is limited to foot and public transportation. The first team to successfully photograph themselves at each of eleven checkpoints and make it back to base is the winner. Everyone who completes the Challenge is invited back to the after-party for a celebration.

Visit www.StumptownChallenge.com for more event information and to register for Portland’s own adventure race!

Added by emailkathere on July 14, 2009