146 Springfield Road
Brighton, England BN1 6BZ

Get Charged Up! is a coaching circle for entrepreneurs in the midst of growing and developing their business from a new to established brand (approx 1.5-3yrs).

Once you've launched your business, the focus is on establishing the brand, maintaining the momentum, securing investment and identifying ways of growing the business. To keep all the balls in the air you need to GET CHARGED UP with new energy, insight and creativity!

Coaching Circles consists of 6-8 entrepreneurs and are facilitated by a qualified Striding Out business coach.

Coaching Circles are an alternative or complement to one to one coaching, and we encourage members to regularly attend the circles to benefit from motivation, inspiration and relationship development.

We invite each member to bring along an entrepreneurial guest for the evening, so they can experience Striding Out and it's approach.

Register on the Striding Out website.

Official Website: http://www.stridingout.co.uk/networking-events-brighton.php

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