100 S. Patrick St.
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Join Brittanie DeChino for a potent 2-hour workshop focusing on strengthening the core – the “powerhouse” of your body. The core, or solar plexus, is the home of the Manipura Chakra, the seat of fire or the chakra of the life force. The presiding deity of this chakra is Braddha Rudra, the form of Shiva representing the power of destruction. When you work to purify and balance this chakra, you increase focus, patience, success and energy. In other words, you’ll start making stuff happen!
In addition, a strong core greatly assists the asana practice by helping us feel powerful and uplifted. We’ll work with twisting postures, bandhas (energy locks), pranayama (breath exercises), and chanting mantras – including “Ram,” the mantra of the Manipura Chakra. We’ll also work with exercises from the Pilates Method, developed by Joseph Pilates based on his theory of Contrology - the complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit - strengthening from the center (core) of the body and then working outward.

Bring or wear something yellow, as yellow is the color representing the Manipura Chakra!

Official Website: http://www.pureprana.com/workshops.html

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