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Even the most innovative companies can find themselves stuck in the mud at go-to-market time. To capture the value they've created, young companies must make their "last mile" scenario real by landing the core customers who provide the revenue needed to grow ? and the credibility to rack up further sales. While today's younger vendors seek the support of brand-name companies, top-tier buyers have become increasingly conservative.

How do today's leading venture-backed innovators bridge the gap between risky startups and risk-averse customers?
What are successful companies doing beyond the traditional costly enterprise sales model ? i.e., throwing more sales reps at the problem?
What strategic sales and marketing shifts can fix up a broken strategy?
How should your approach change if M&A is your objective?

Ronald Weissman, Venture Partner, Apax Partners

Jim Green, CEO & President, Composite Software
Karen Hayward, EVP, Sales & Marketing, Centerbeam


Added by IBDNetwork on February 24, 2006