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Marketing is one of the most painstaking challenges for any startup and has become even more critical over the past several years. It is much harder today to differentiate by having “better” product - barriers to entry are low and there are at least 5 other startups doing something similar to you - if you don’t think so, you haven’t looked hard enough yet.

What often separates the successful startup from the not-so-successful startup is marketing.

If you can figure out a way to more efficiently and cheaply acquire customers than your competition, chances are, you’ll win. It helps to have a great product, but let's face it: that's no longer enough.

In this Strategy Series, we'll discuss:

Work Smarter, not Harder: the small, creative tweaks that require limited resources yet result in disproportional success
Reverse the Rules: What you can do today to stop looking for customers, and instead, help them find you
Energize your Customers: Ways to increase referrals and get your best fans to sell for you
Keep it Real: Understanding your brand and communicating it to sell

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