290 Harvard St.
Brookline, Massachusetts

Robotkid and Peter Ledebur bring their smash video clip show ?Strange Findings? to the Coolidge!

Carefully selected from hours (and hours) of film and television, these unintentionally hilarious clips have been passed down through the years from collector to collector. Now, well aged and fully ripe, they are ready once again for a viewing audience. Come laugh at the expense of 80?s teen stars on drugs and Mister T singing in hot pants, witness local cable access?s most embarrassing moments, and rock out with primates and puppets!

As a bonus, this evening the Strange Findings krew mixes it up with local turntablist Dj RNDM to add some live performance to the mix. Hold on as VJ Robotkid and Dj RNDM go head-to-head to create a demented pop-culture remix stew with video samples and real-time turntable mashups!


Added by Erik Mallinson on June 27, 2005