1503 Chartres St
Houston, Texas 77003

The hard rock / metal act Straight Line Stitch, from Knoxville, TN, traces its current lineup back to 2003, where they produced such harsh, raw metal that they attracted now front-woman, Alexis Brown. Straight Line Stitch's success both regionally and nationally comes directly from their ability to stand out by doing things that no other rock/metal act is doing. Alexis not only takes on the responsibility of producing a full fledged metal vocal assault, but she fills the voids with softer, even up-lifting, melodic singing that strikes a balance between more cerebral radio listeners, and the hard rock loving, blunt force audio assault junkies. Combined with Jason White on bass, Seth Thacker on guitar, and lightening fast drumming from Patrick Haynes, the band takes the crowd to a point of near riot, just as easily as they bring them back down to sing along to their favorite songs.

Since 2003, the bands schedule has included one thing: relentless touring in support of their albums. In their time together Straight Line Stitch have toured the nation, averaging 200 shows a year and have shared the stage with national touring acts such as: The Vans Warped Tour (Atlanta, GA 2005), various Jagermeister (a proud Straight Line Stitch sponsor) Music Tours, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Goatwhore, Staind, Slayer, Chevelle, Anthrax, Mastodon, Dark New Day, Dry Kill Logic, Mushroomhead, Three Days Grace, Hurt, Skinlab, Earshot, Stuck Mojo, and more. The result: Maturity as a band, and a polished, tempered brand of metal, sharpened to a glimmering edge that they call their own.

After a solid year of touring, Straight Line Stitch finished off 2006 with the writing and preproduction of their best album to date: The Word Made Flesh. In late January through March 2007, the album was recorded and mixed/mastered.

Straight Line Stitch released The Word Made Flesh on May 25th 2007, which follows a full length CD, a demo EP and another full length album, all of which were created outside the current lineup. "The Word Made Flesh" has without a doubt had the most work put into it and it most accurately represents Straight Line Stitch as a band.

The band's love for being on the road and their high standards for their live show has caused Straight Line Stitch's fan base to spread nationwide and they average more daily music plays online than half the bands on the second stage at Ozzfest. People are starting to notice Straight Line Stitch, and they have the experience, maturity, and professionalism to reach the level they have thrived towards for years

Official Website: http://www.meridianhouston.com

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