Parliament Square
London, England SW1

Demonstrate March 18 - Troops Home from Iraq - Don't Attack Iran
Saturday 18th March 2006
Assemble 12 noon Parliament Square

200 Demos across the world

The London demonstration is one of many taking place across the world. There will be protests in more than 200 cities and towns on every continent, including Baghdad and Basra. Three years after the start of the war, more than 100,000 deaths later, with trillions of dollars spent on the biggest armed robbery of a country since Hitler's Blitzkrieg and more war ratcheted into view, we must once again show that world public opinion is the 'second superpower.' (New York Times)

a different demo

This demonstration will be quite different to the usual marches to or from Hyde Park. Parliament Square will be full of trestle tables where demonstrators can add their names to Tony Benn's letter to the UN and Attorney General calling for the war mongers to be brought to account. For those with mobile phones there will be the opportunity to text your name to an electronic counter set up at the Rally. There will be street theatre, cartoonists and music.

a different route

The march will set off along Victoria Street, passing the Attorney General's office on its way to Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square. The list of speakers will include some as yet to be announced surprises.

We have the solidarity of each other and outrage and justice on our side.

Demonstrate March 18

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