Island in Potomac River, North of Roosevelt Bridge
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

Stop Pombo Rally: America?s Parks, Coasts, and Wild Places Are Not For Sale

WHEN: 11 AM - Noon, November 5, 2005
WHERE: Roosevelt Island National Park, DC

Don?t Let Congressman Richard Pombo
? Drill for oil and gas in the Arctic,
? Drill for oil and gas off our coasts,
? Sell our federal lands to mining interests and developers,
? Gut the Endangered Species Act,
? Weaken the National Environmental Policy Act?.

Special Appearance by President Teddy Roosevelt
Watch out Congressman Pombo, Teddy may bring along his ?big stick?!

Congressman Richard Pombo (R-Calif.) is the Chair of the House Resources Committee, formerly the House Natural Resources Committee until Pombo removed ?Natural? from the committee?s name. This northern California rancher has also passed a bill through the House that guts the Endangered Species Act, and is planning legislation to significantly weaken the National Environmental Policy Act.

The House Budget Reconciliation Bill is a boring name for a frightening bill which thanks to Chairman Pombo?s work, would allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and off our coasts, opens more federal lands to mining, and even sells specific federal lands to named mining companies. A few weeks ago, Chairman Pombo?s budget also included a proposal to sell Theodore Roosevelt Island Park in the District. This bill is likely to be voted on by the House of Representatives the week of November 7th.

* Glen Besa, Sierra Club Appalachian Regional Director
Office: 804-565-4950, Cell: 804-387-6001, [email protected]
* Chris Carney, Sierra Club Metro DC Office
Office: 202-237-0754, Cell: 202-281-9565, [email protected]

Theodore Roosevelt Island is located just across the Potomac River from downtown Washington DC. Parking is limited - we encourage you to take Metro and walk, or bike (be sure to bring a lock). See below for link to maps, and directions by foot, bike, or car.

* Click here for local map showing Metro Station, Bike Path, and Roosevelt Island:
* Click here for Google Map showing Roosevelt Island:,+dc&ll=38.896377,-77.065637&spn=0.007457,0.020385&t=h&hl=en

Roosevelt Island is a 15-20 minute walk from the Rosslyn Metro Station (Orange and Blue Lines)
* From station, walk north N Moore St, then right on 19th St, then left on N Lynn St.
* On N Lynn St, cross over I-66 watch for Mount Vernon Bike Path on right.
* Follow bike path down hill, GW Parkway on pedestrian overpass.
* At bottom of hill, walk south along parking lot to bike rack.

Note: Bring a lock ? bikes are not allowed on Roosevelt Island
For online map showing bike routes to Roosevelt Island, visit the new DC Bike Map (warning ? large file) at
Biking Directions from Rosslyn Metro Station:
* Take elevator (no bikes allowed on escalator)
* Use same directions as walking directions above.

Biking Directions via Roosevelt Bridge (I-66, Rte 50):
* Take new bike lane from Virginia Ave NW & New Hampshire Ave NW at Kennedy Center
* Follow to separated path on the Roosevelt Bridge. At end of the bridge, lane veers off to the right onto a raised boardwalk over wetlands.
* Continue north on boardwalk until you come to parking lot and bike rack.

Biking Directions from Georgetown Via Key Bridge:
* Take Key Bridge from M Street using the south (downstream) sidewalk.
* At end of bridge, watch for Mount Vernon Bike Path entrance on left (just before intersection with Lee Highway). Follow same directions as described above.

Access to the island is available only from the northbound lane of the Geo. Washington Memorial Parkway. Parking is limited. We encourage you to take Metro to Rosslyn Metro Station in Arlingon and walk (15-20 minutes) or bike.
* Click here for Google Map showing Roosevelt Island:,+dc&ll=38.896377,-77.065637&spn=0.007457,0.020385&t=h&hl=en
* Click here for driving directions to the Island:

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