Nr Amesbury, Wiltshire
Salisbury, England

A chance for Flickr users to come together to photograph the Winter Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge.

Visit the Group on Flickr & join us if you have photos to share - before or after the event.

This year, the Solstice sunrise is on the morning of 22nd December. Sunrise itself is around 07.58 a.m. English Heritage usually open the site to the public from 07.30 a.m. for a couple of hours.

Official Website:

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The Happy Robot

What a brilliant idea, do you know if it is free to get in at the winter solstice like it is for the summer?


Yes, admittance is free for both solstices.

My boyfriend and I will be travelling in the UK and are planning on going, but we would like to catch a ride with someone, if possible. Anyone available?


Don't hold your breath for Schwag folks. No word from flickr and sent at least two emails to flickr without getting a reply...


I see that the admittance is free, but can we get up close to the stones the same as the Summer solstice? My boyfriend is over from the USA and this would be a great experience for him if we can... Thanks


I found this comment.......English Heritage opens Stonehenge free to the public on both solstices. There is no admittance fee and you are allowed stone circle access. You can arrive as early as you want, but they usually ask you to leave at about nine. Typically around 600 people come. Many people visit Avesbury afterwards.


Amanita, the answer is yes, you can get right up close to the stones. If you follow the link to the group, or my flickr profile, you'll see photos taken showing people doing just that...



I'll be taking my D80 to winter solstice on the way to Devon. I really enjoyed the summer solstice earlier this year, even without the sun! If you see a green 1976 VW campervan, chances I'll be in there making a brew! Hopefully see you there.



Just found out its the Winter Solstice on Saturday morning and was planning to drive from Somerset to Hampshire that day-to see the sunrise at the Stones will be a first for me and I'm really looking forward to the experience!!


Yep.. I'm setting off in about 4 hours time.. Haha.. Should get some sleep really....


All those who didn't meet me but attended and posted photos to the flickr group please email me their address and I will send some of the schwag to you!


Why are there no photos showing up on this page? People need to add the machine tags to their flickr photos!