Nr Amesbury, Wiltshire
Salisbury, England

A chance for Flickr users to come together to photograph the Winter Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge.

Visit the Group on Flickr & join us if you have photos to share - before or after the event.

This year, the Solstice sunrise is on the morning of Tuesday the 22nd December. Sunrise itself is around 08.09 a.m., they will open the site to the public from 07.45 a.m. for a couple of hours.

Official Website:

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NOTE: You have got the day wrong, it is the 22nd Dec. See the Megalithic Portal for up to date information:


PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE, the open day is on Tuesday ( 22nd ), and not Monday



Down here in Hampshire we have had a huge fall of snow this evening. Most of the roads including the M3 and the A34 around Berkshire and Hampshire are at a standstill.

I don't think I will be trying to get down to the stones this year but I look forward to seeing any shots from those who are able to get there.

Maybe next year !!!