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Social networking sites are crammed with personal data about us. Can we be confident about sharing our vital stats online? Come along and get clued up about the risks your online identity poses. Discuss and find out what can be done to protect it with our experts.

How can hackers steal your online details and turn them into profit? Stephen Truick from the Metropolitan police will take you on a tour of how vulnerable we are to identity theft.

How do social networking sites such as Facebook allow others to access details they shouldn’t be able to see? Clive Room will explore how careful we should be when we share our details in online networks.

Dave Evans from the Information Commissioner’s Office will be exploring who is responsible for protecting our personal data. Should we be looking out for ourselves? Or do the government and the computer industry have a role to play?

Who can get their hands on our details? There are many companies with our personal information in their databases. Robert Schifreen will be looking at how secure these databases are and the responsibilities companies have in keeping our data safe.

Dave Evans, Senior Data Protection Practice Manager, Information Commissioner's Office
Clive Room, Security expert, Portcullis Computer Security Limited
Robert Schifreen, IT security consultant
Dave Evans, Senior Data Protection Practice Manager, Information
Stephen Truick, Fraud Alert/E-mail Response Unit, London Metropolitan police

Bobbie Johnson, technology correspondent, The Guardian

Event organised by:
The Science Museum

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