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The Stock Success System™ Workshop is a FREE two-hour workshop designed to show you how to build financial security through the stock market. We'll give you the opportunity to learn what the market pros know and use everyday to make millions in the stock market - no matter which way prices are headed!

This dynamic FREE Workshop will show you how to:

* Pick the Right Stocks Again & Again
* Create Profit Potential if the Market Goes Up, Down or Even Sideways
* Protect Profits & Minimize Risks
* Generate Additional Revenue Streams
* Achieve the Security that Financial Independence Brings

Robert Kiyosaki will not attend this event.

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Warning: Rich Dad University has good information, but be advised...this free seminar is obviously aimed at selling you additional 'packages' that are going to be unbelievably expensive. My wife and I spent $10,000 on information from Rich Dad that I truly believe I could have gotten for a fraction of the price, from another informed source. Think long and hard before you committ to any additional training with Rich Dad; they are ridiculously expensive.