630 Ramona St.
Palo Alto, California 94301

STIRR Mixers are a blend of tech-social mixer with a forum for entrepreneurs from in-progress and recently-launched startups to present new products and services to their peers in an innovative format (the 60 second spot). The mixers are open to everyone in the community (stealth-mode folk, startup-savvy engineers, journalists/bloggers, connectors and investors) to socialize, make contacts and share ideas. This is not a sit-down event.
60 Second Spots

There will be 5 early stage companies presenting on-stage at 7:30pm. The pitches are a compact 60 seconds or less. The speakers and their teams will be available to speak with right after the presentations.


* 3Jam, Andy Jagoe, CEO
* Accomplice, Jason Feinsmith, CEO
* JumpCut, Stephen Weibel , Director
* LogSavvy, Mark Searle, CEO
* TheMintPages, Angie Chang, CEO

Official Website: http://www.stirr.net/event/2

Added by dav on May 2, 2006



Hey gang, if you plan on coming to the next STIRR, make sure to RSVP at the event website. Only those who have RSVP'd can get in.

Sean...one of the STIRR guys.


Darn, I've already triple-booked in SF, changed to Watch.


with the "baby bullet" express trains, it should be pretty quick to get there from SF