412 Emerson St.
Palo Alto, California 94301

Stirr mixers provide a forum for entrepreneurs from recently-launched startups to present new products and services to their peers, as well as an opportunity for everyone in the community (stealth-mode folk, startup savvy engineers, journalists/bloggers, connectors and investors) to socialize and swap thoughts and ideas.

Go to http://stirr.net to RSVP and find further details.

Added by seanness on March 26, 2006



You need to RSVP at http://stirr.net to get in for FREE, otherwise, there is a $15 entrance fee.


Hey, what's with adding already-past events to Groups? I guess it's OK to do for the sake of completeness, but it shouldn't get highlighted on the "recent updates" sidebar. Certainly not if I've already got a link to the event (watch or attend) or already have it in a group I'm on.