260 S. California Ave.
Palo Alto, California 94306

* Buxfer, Ashwin Bharambe, Founder
* Criteo, Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, CEO
* Metaweb, Jamie Taylor, Minister of Information
* Wrike, Andrew Filev, Founder

STIRR is a grass roots networking organizaiton by startup entrepreneurs for startup entrepreneurs.

Each month, STIRR combines a PR launchpad for new companies with a hand selected room of entrepreneurs, founding teams, VCs, savvy angels, press, and a small handful of startup friendly service providers.

Each STIRR Founder's Mixer event is by invitation only. To apply, sign up for a STIRR Account at http://www.stirr.net

The Founder's Mixer is also a no-cost PR launchpad for new startups. Each presentation is in STIRR's original '60 second spot' format. If your startup is ready to accelerate its launch, appy to present at http://www.stirr.net/presenters_application

More details and a list of previous presenters are available at http://www.stirr.net

Official Website: http://www.stirr.net

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