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New York, New York 10014

The Still Music Residency is back at APT!

This time, resident spinner Jerome Derradji (Still Music - BBE) invited some serious serious Detroit legends (again????).

We are proud to present LOS HERMANOS (UR) LIVE for the first time in NYC.

The band built around Gerald Mitchell (Galaxy 2 Galaxy) and Rolando - the CREATORS of the classic "JAGUAR" tune - is coming down to APT to drop a mad a la UR live and more!

Get ready for another truly unique night of genuine Detroit Techno.
Resident Jerome Derradji will play another unique set of goodies :)

rsvp @ [email protected] for discounted list.

I hope to see you all there. I am not missing that one for sure.

About Los Hermanos:

"Los Hermanos : es una reunion de culturas, ambiente y de soƱidos... Unidos, por el espirito de la comunidad global y es inspirada por los iniciadores : Carlos Santana y el grupo War. Es una celebracion de que nos hacen a nosotros mismos. Los Hermanos desean que usted use esta muscica para reunirse - como un individuo y sea parte de todo esto.................................... Los Hermanos was originally a collaboration between Gerald Mitchell and DJ Rolando. They raised the standard and destroyed the boundaries between Techno and House by fusing the funk and soul of Detroit Techno with the feel of Latin rhythms. Since Rolando?s departure, Santiago Salazar (aka DJ S2) and Dan Caballero (aka DJ Dex) have joined Gerald and moved Los Hermanos in a slightly different direction without sacrificing any of the sound?s individuality or quality. This collective of DJs and producers from the Underground Resistance camp have taken their Techno in a whole new direction. Gerald Mitchell is a producer, band leader, and sonic visionary whose music has made a huge impact on Detroit house and techno. From his work on Underground Resistance's Interstellar Fugitives project to his Celestial Highways classic on Metroplex and early house production on Soul City, Gerald's music has always been recognized by it soulful strength. His work with Underground Resistance/DJ Rolando led to the anthem 'Knights of the Jaguar; and now, Los Hermanos. Through Los Hermanos, he has brought his experience as a live musician into a group that expresses jazz fusion, gospel and funk into stunning electronic music.

Official Website: http://www.itstillmusic.com/Newsletter-base/events/lhnycfinal.jpg

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