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One of the most innovative, creative, evocative, and downright flooring novels to come out in recent years, Steven Halls The Raw Shark Texts is a Wordsmiths Books favorite. So, when we were presented with the opportunity to team up with southern lit scene blog BabyGotBooks to bring Hall to Wordsmiths for his only southeastern tour date, we jumped at the opportunity. And we paired him with Atlanta/Athens based dance-pop band Blue Screen Love Scene. When we learned the Townsend literary prize was the same evening, we decided to start our party a little later, to accommodate the book fanatics who wanted to be able to attend both events. So, we present to you: BabyGotBooks Vol. III, with Steven Hall and Blue Screen Love Scene.

Now available in paperback, The Raw Shark Texts is the story of Eric Sanderson, who wakes up one day with no idea who or where he is. A note instructs him to call a Dr. Randle, who informs him that he is undergoing yet another episode of memory loss and that for the last two years--since the tragic death of his great love, Clio, while vacationing in Greece--he's been suffering from an acute disassociative disorder. But
there may be more to the story, or it may be a different story altogether. As Eric Sanderson begins to examine papers left behind by "the first Eric Sanderson" and the staggering tale they seem to contain, he and the
reader embark on a quest to recover the truth and to escape the predatory forces that threaten to devour him.

Also appearing on this late-night evening of awesomeness is the unapologetic dance-pop band Blue Screen Love Scene. Having just emerged on the musical radar, theyre already getting notice from the likes of Resonatormag.com, whove called them fun, cheeky, and evocative. Waving
their disco and new wave influences proudly and smartly, theres no better band to round out the evening.

You wont want to miss the biggest and most exciting installment in the BabyGotBooks reading series yet (almost a year in the making) with the phenomenal Steven Hall presenting The Raw Shark Texts, and the music of Blue Screen Love Scene. As always, its all free, theres free drinks, and its an all-ages shindig. Go to the Townsend Awards, then come party with Steven Hall, Blue Screen Love Scene, and BabyGotBooks.com at Wordsmiths Books.

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