19th Ave & Sloat Blvd.
San Francisco, California

Experience "Breathing Under Water," a unique melding of South Asian music traditions with modern grooves. Anoushka Shankar, Karsh Kale, and other special guests take the stage for an unforgettable afternoon.

Grammy-nominated sitar sensation Anoushka Shankar is the daughter of legendary Ravi Shankar. Best known for his tabla and percussion skills, Karsh Kale's highly original style fuses electronica with traditional South Asian music.

Presenting Punjabi music in an inventive way, San Francisco-based Non-Stop Bhangra Collective fuses traditional and modern tracks with live tabla and dhol drums, scratching, and the Bhangra dancers of Dholrhythms Dance Troupe.

Official Website: http://www.sterngrove.org/07222007.html

Added by sagemane on May 1, 2007


Dustem Offman

I wish I could be here to this as I LOVE Sitar music...and Ravi Shankar's daughter no less (the other one Norah Jones~is pretty cool too), but its my lil girls birthday. Next time. I will live through you guys on this one.


i was there but regrettably left because of the following reasons.
i and a group of friends came to hear Anoushka whom i enjoyed so much when she performed with her father. It was not so much the performance that bothered me but the poor pa set up that finally drove me from an otherwise enjoyable 6 hours at the grove. i am a musician, CMC faculty since 1973 (Community Music Center) and have to question not only the incompetence of the techs but the poor management of the Festival to allow distorted, feed back noises to mar the efforts of the artists you present. I will be 69 in a few months and the others whom I brought range up to 84 years old. we still do our thing, enjoy being entertained and expect high levels of performances. I witnessed babies!!! crying and i believe not just because that's what babies do---the level of sound had to have hurt their ears--like so many baby boomers whose hearing are permanently damaged from sound levels like yesterday's.
what about the seniors who are supposed to look forward to these
wonderful offerings and have to be subjected to yelling (the first act)
and then the insufferable feed-back and decibel level of the second act?
I was told that this situation did not occur with your other offerings from weeks before. if the artists allowed this setting to happen then I think the festival management should have stepped in to modify the situation.

a disgruntled and disappointed attendee