6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90028

Saturday, April 21 – 7:30 PM
Sterling Hayden Tribute Double Feature: New 35mm Print! NAKED ALIBI, 1953, Universal, 86 min. A murder suspect (Gene Barry), released for lack of evidence, vows vengeance on the cops who brutalized him. When one of those cops turns up dead, his partner (Sterling Hayden) hunts down the “innocent” man to prove him guilty. Both end up in thrall to bordertown bad girl Gloria Grahame, whose unique sexiness is on full display in this ultra-rare potboiler! Screenplay by Lawrence Roman, from a story by Gladys Atwater and Robert Bren. Directed by Jerry Hopper. [35mm]
Newly Restored! SUDDENLY, 1954, Lobster Films, 86 min. In this tense thriller, Hayden plays a small-town sheriff confronting a trio of paid killers bent on assassinating the vacationing president of the United States. Frank Sinatra is electrifying as the boss bad guy; the actor-singer tried to buy up all copies of this film after the murder of John F. Kennedy. Lewis Allen provides his strongest directing effort for Richard Sale’s taut, suspenseful script. Introduction by film noir experts Eddie Muller and Alan Rode.
Restoration by Serge Bromberg’s Lobster Films. [35mm]

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