1025 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, California 94133

Stereo Total is a Berlin-based music duo whose musical influences come from all over Europe as well as retro American music. Witty pop melodies are the core of their music surrounded by punk rock, disco and electro garage chanson. Both members, Brezel Göering and François Cactus, alternate vocals throughout their performances and create a colourful and fascinating universe onstage.

Equipped with simply a computer and Apple's Garage Band application, Leslie and the LYs' electronic drum beats, synth rhythms and tongue-in-cheek rap lyrics lie somewhere between 80s pop and hip hop. She became an internet sensation with her dance party song and viral video for "Gem Sweater." Frontwoman, Leslie Hall, tours with an RV museum of gem sweaters where patrons can see over 165 sweaters. Their live show is fill with glitz, glam and an entire night full of eccentric music.

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