Geroldstrasse 5
Zurich, Zürich

Live im Hive

Stereo Total (D)

21:00 - Türöffnung
22:00 - Konzert: Electronica, Indie, Pop
Stereo Total (D)

The prelude to the three-year hiveschen celebrations and festivities: Stereo Total are from Berlin and they make a music that claims to own 40% Chanson, 20% R'n'R, 10% Punkrock, 3% DAF-Sequencer, 4% Jacques Dutronc-Rhythmique, 7% Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg, Cosmonaute to 1.5%, 10% of old synthesizers besteheht to 10% of 8-bit Amiga-sampling, 10% transistor amplifier and 1% is extremely expensive. This would actually more or less everything. Somehow ... ah yes, there was still some controversy with the German Bild-Zeitung, but there's nothing to do with music, is an entirely different story.

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