1903 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90027

For his latest solo exhibition, entitled “Transmogrifications,” California based artist Stephen Tompkins explores various mediums, including drawing, painting, 3D digital design, animation, and even sculpture. The term “transmogrification” is apt for such a show – the word means the act of changing into a different form or appearance, especially a fantastic or grotesque one.
Tompkins’ creations are often metastatic comic characterizations that proliferate beyond the simple identity of a traditional comic form. His work stems from a dynamic and sometimes stream of consciousness inking process, so he felt it a natural progression to explore how these forms are also articulated in a variety of other media.
In his own words, Tompkins says, “‘Transmogrifications’ conjures up notions that are distinctly at home in my past and present body of work (in the sense of fantasy) but also alludes to an exploratory direction that I see my work naturally progressing. If the universe is expanding, Transmogrifications is my personal testimony to the idea that one should continually explore possibilities in their work in the spirit of discovery. Experimentation is the very core of my love of creating art. This show is my attempt to present work in various mediums that open up a new dimension of my working process.”
As with most experimental art, one must view the work to truly appreciate it. A preview of Tompkins’ varied body of work is available at http://www.stephentompkins.com/.

Official Website: http://www.foundla.com/sys/shows/stephen-tompkins/

Added by Found Gallery on January 12, 2008