123 - 1208 Homer Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2Y5

A mix of Acrylics/Mixed Media on Canvas, Photography, Poetry, Alternative Sculptures & Live Music. This show is a representation of the processes of re-training cognitions that influence human behaviors that develop character. In order to re-train cognitions one must purge the spirit of all impurities, lies & pain. The art work in this show is a result of the intense processes my psyche has successfully accomplished and executed by re-training my personal cognitions.

Many of us have suffered from a various forms of abuse through out our lives, there are some who over come & move forward after cultivating their spirits by devoting the adequate time required to master their cognitions and re-program their brains to receive and believe truth and there are those who remain lost in their pain using drugs, sex, manipulation or even shopping to cope. I feel it is key to get to the root of each and every problem, by doing this we un-pack each box in our psyche and slowly clean up the mess under the bed. Through art I have found much healing & expression over my life cycle , at times it is the only way I feel I can iterate my feelings accurately. My hope is that you are inspired through my vulnerability to make your own art and come clean with your spirit should you face any blocks or challenges in your world to be able to project light instead of darkness & have fun and make a mess doing it!

Official Website: http://www.yaletowngallery.com/event_detail.php?event_id=011

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