SP2 Pavillion, OLd Spitalfields Market
London, England e16aa

Steorn's 'Orbo' technology is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and allows the production of clean, free and constant energy. 'Orbo' technology is fully scalable and can be applied to virtually all devices requiring energy, from cellular phones to cars.

From 5th-13th July, visitors to Kinetica can witness for themselves 'Orbo' as it perpetually spins a clear polycarbonate wheel with absolutely no supply of external energy or power supply attached.

This exhibition has now been cancelled.

Official Website: http://www.kinetica-museum.org/new_site/news.php?id=20

Added by Kevan on July 5, 2007



This event has now been cancelled by its organisers:-

"Attempts to replace those parts affected by the heat led to further failures and as a result we have to postpone the public demonstration until a future date. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to all the people who had made arrangements to visit the demonstration or were planning on viewing the demonstration online."