1649 28th St
Oakland, California 94608

Roots To Roof Fundraiser!

Featuring: Loop!Station, Mark Growden, Kinetic Steam Works, Exxothermia, Orion Fredericks, THERM, Copper Lantern Fire Theater, Dept. of Spontaneous Combustion, Jamie Vaida and the "Goes Around Comes Around," Spy Girl Friday, Jeremy Krentz & His Tesla Coil, One Man Banjo, DJ Delachaux, DJ Halon, DJ D. Vennerbeck & His Steam Powered Mixological Arts, plus Special Guests...

Art by Michael Christian, Ben Carpenter, Jamie Vaida.

Sponsored by The Crucible and Lagunitas.

Lighting by reFRACTion.

Admission: $15- $15,000

Created By
Kinetic Steamworks

[email protected]

Official Website: http://www.steamtreehouse.com/

Added by disrupsean on June 4, 2007