100 S. Mill Avenue
Tempe, Arizona 85281

#evfn is a weekly social gathering organized via the webbernets -- but it happens in real life! It stands for East Valley Friday Nights and yes, you are invited. Well, if you're going to be in the greater Phoenix area on a Friday night, that is...

I've had so many requests for us to visit Monti's La Casa Vieja that I've lost track. And when Michael Monti himself offered up his establishment, I decided to act. Hey, don't have to tell me twice.

He's letting us take over the bar and the meeting room off to the side. It's going to be a great event. And I hear they have steak, too!

Some folks calls it a tweetup. I calls it an #evfn. Remember the agenda: no agenda. Have fun. Meet people. Party on!

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/evfn

Added by evo_terra on June 2, 2009